EuroISPA Event Series: DSA in Focus

Join EuroISPA for a series of online panel discussions as part of our 2021 series DSA in Focus, in which we explore and debate the main aspects of the Digital Services Act with policy experts. We kicked off the series of events in April, and the panel discussions will run until the end of 2021. Our calendar of events is below:

#1 – 7 April, 10h30 CEST: The New Notice and Action Regime
#2 – 17 May, 15h30 CEST: Beyond Content Removal
#3 – 9 September, 9h-10h30 CEST: Reporting obligations and transparency
#4 – 29 September, 16h00-17h30 CEST Liability of intermediaries
#5 – 2 December, 17h00-18h30 CET: Implementation, Extra-territorial application and Enforcement
#6 – January 2022: TBD

We look forward to seeing you there, don’t miss out!

Last but not least, as EuroISPA we also published a position paper on the DSA which you can find here.