Committee work

EuroISPA’s Online Content Committee focuses on promoting an online environment that is safe, fosters transparent practices, and has the respect of fundamental
rights at its core. EuroISPA seeks the establishment of balanced legal obligations for Internet intermediaries in all areas of the online content framework, calling for appropriate liability protection.

Key dossiers

  • Online content moderation
  • Piracy of live content
  • Child Sexual Abuse Material
  • Digital Services Act

Committee Chairs

The Chairs of the above-mentioned Committees are as follows:

  • Online Content – Chair: Alex de Joode (AMS-IX)
  • Data Economy – Chair: Oliver Süme (eco)
  • Cybersecurity & Infrastructure – Chair: Paul Guinard (FFTélécoms)

“Both data protection and the legal challenges around the availability of non-personal data remain a key topic in the process of transitioning Europe into a data economy. In this regard, the analysis of overlap and interdependency of the GDPR, the European Data Act, and the Artificial Intelligence Act will be of high importance for EuroISPA’s Data Economy Committee. In addition, the Association will continue to monitor the development of the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework and the further legislative process regarding the ePrivacy Regulation.”

“Children’s online protection is a key priority for EuroISPA’s Online Content Committee, and our members have a longstanding relationship with law enforcement authorities to assist them in the fight against CSAM. In the last years, we have met with several EU policymakers working on the proposed CSAM Regulation to provide the technical expertise of our diverse membership on the matter. We will continue our engagement efforts, participating in further meetings and events. EuroISPA will have a key role to play in moving away from a polarised debate and instead focusing on the technical implications of the proposed CSAM Regulation.”

“As Internet intermediaries, EuroISPA members consistently promote cooperation with law enforcement authorities and advocate for a digital framework that enhances the resilience and security of networks across Europe. EuroISPA’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Committee will continue to intensify its focus on connectivity matters outlined in the European Commission’s White Paper on digital infrastructure needs, and in the forthcoming Digital Networks Act, crucial for ensuring a robust European ecosystem, fit for 2030 challenges.”