Committee work

EuroISPA’s Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Committee enables its members to exchange knowledge about current security challenges and national good practice models. The Committee also works with the European institutions and international organisations to ensure a harmonised framework for digital security in Europe. Our members’ technical expertise and experience can guide policy that protects key network infrastructure and citizens fundamental rights, improving the cooperation between governments and industry and allowing the Internet industry to thrive as an economic enabler.

Key ongoing dossiers

  • Cross-border access to electronic evidence (E-Evidence Package, Second Additional Protocol to the Budapest Convention, etc.)
  • Data Retention
  • Revision of the Network and Information Security Directive (NIS 2 Directive)
  • Europol Regulation

Committee Chairs

The Chairs of the above-mentioned Committees are as follows:

  • Cybercrime & Cybersecurity – Chair: Andreas Gruber (ISPA Austria)
  • Data Protection & Privacy – Chair: Oliver Süme (eco)
  • Innovation & Growth – Chair: Innocenzo Genna (AIIP)
  • Intermediary liability – Chair: Malcolm Hutty (LINX)
  • International Affairs – Chair: Malcolm Hutty (LINX)
  • Markets & Services – Chair: Alexandra Laffitte (FFTélécoms)
  • Safer Internet – Chair: Asko Metsola (FiCOM)

“As the EU institutions work on the new Digital Services Act, the Intermediary Liability Committee will promote the balance of responsibilities of stakeholders that allows Europe’s digital economy to thrive, while also supporting effective law enforcement within a framework of respect for fundamental rights in the online environment. It will formulate the association’s positions on crucial matters such as the newly codified EU notice and action procedure for hosting providers, the new obligations for platform operators and others, and the apportionment of responsibilities between different classes of intermediary.”

“Following the adoption of the EU Copyright Directive, EuroISPA will continue to closely monitor its implementation at the national level. In addition, the association will keep advocating for the development of a virtuous and cross-border online content market in the EU.”

“Two years after the entry into application of the GDPR, EuroISPA continues to closely monitor its implementation at the national level. In 2021, the association will continue to constructively engage with policymakers on the proposal for an ePrivacy Regulation, while also providing input on other issues such as the international transfers of data.”

“In 2021, the Committee will closely monitor developments in the field of accessibility requirements, as well as the discussions on the newly proposed Digital Markets Act, which will have a profound impact on the way the EU Digital Single Market is structured. We will of course continue to monitor the application of the EECC in the Member States, as well as monitor key evolutions in terms of regulation.”

“In the next year, EuroISPA’s Cybersecurity Committee will keep actively engaging in policy discussions on how to improve cross-border cooperation between law enforcement authorities and service providers while maintaining legal safeguards and fundamental rights, as well as on how to enhance overall digital security in the EU. Our Committee will therefor focus on issues such as the E-Evidence Regulation, the revised NIS Directive, data retention or encryption, and will aim to remain as a main interlocutor in shaping these crucial topics for EU citizens and businesses.”

“2021 will be crucial year for the safety on the internet as the European Commission will be presenting its long-awaited proposal for a Regulation on the detection, removal and reporting of child sexual abuse online. EuroISPA is looking forward to supporting the Commission in this endeavour and our members stand ready to share their expertise and technical knowledge to make of the internet a safer place for all.”