Recap of Past Event: Beyond Content Removal

On 17 May 2021 EuroISPA hosted its second online event in…
28/05/2021/by admin-euroispa-org

DSA in Focus: Beyond Content Removal

Join us for our upcoming online panel discussion of our 2021…
07/05/2021/by admin-euroispa-org

EuroISPA criticises strict one-hour takedown deadline in the new Terrorist Content Regulation

April 30 2021 - Brussels

Following last week’s adoption…
30/04/2021/by admin-euroispa-org

Recap of Past Event: The New Notice and Action Regime

On 7 April 2021 EuroISPA hosted its first online event…
15/04/2021/by admin-euroispa-org

NEWS: EuroISPA shares its views on the Digital Services Act

Brussels, 31 March 2021 – EuroISPA publishes its views on…
01/04/2021/by admin-euroispa-org

DSA in Focus: The New Notice and Action Regime

Our first event in the DSA in Focus series, taking place on…
24/03/2021/by admin-euroispa-org

NEWS: ePrivacy Regulation – EuroISPA welcomes progress but full alignment with GDPR remains crucial

Brussels, 10 February 2021 – EuroISPA welcomes the conclusion…
12/02/2021/by admin-euroispa-org

Statement: Jiri Kysela

Brussels, 16 December 2020: 

It is with great sorrow…
16/12/2020/by admin-euroispa-org

Press Release: EuroISPA Announces Election of New Board

Brussels, 23 November 2020 – EuroISPA, the association of…
23/11/2020/by admin-euroispa-org

NEWS: EuroISPA co-signs letter on Terrorist Content Online Regulation

This week, EuroISPA co-signed a letter to representatives of…
23/09/2020/by admin-euroispa-org

EuroISPA reponds to DSA public consultation

After over two years of hard work and collaboration, EuroISPA…
09/09/2020/by admin-euroispa-org

Annual Report 2019: The Voice of the European Internet Industry

We are happy to share with you our Annual Report for 2019, which…
23/07/2020/by admin-euroispa-org

NEWS: EuroISPA signs letter to strengthen the fundamental principles of the E-Commerce Directive in new Digital Services Act, along with other industry players

June 2020

Spearheaded by Danish Entrepreneurs, Allied…
01/07/2020/by admin-euroispa-org

EuroISPA publishes points of critique on the German Draft Act amending the Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG)

EuroISPA recently published its points of critique on the German…
04/06/2020/by admin-euroispa-org

Press Release: EuroISPA welcomes new member to association, asut

19 March 2020 –
EuroISPA, an association of European
20/03/2020/by admin-euroispa-org

Press Release: EuroISPA coordinates event on encryption and data protection with European Internet Forum

February 18, 2020
– EuroISPA, an association of…
12/03/2020/by admin-euroispa-org
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