NEWS: EuroISPA welcomes conclusion of discussions in Council but warns that full alignment with the GDPR remains crucial

Brussels, 10 February 2021 – EuroISPA welcomes the conclusion…
12th February 2021/by admin-euroispa-org


Brussels, 16 December 2020: 

It is with great sorrow…
16th December 2020/by admin-euroispa-org

Press Release: EuroISPA Announces Election of New Board

Brussels, 23 November 2020 – EuroISPA, the association of…
23rd November 2020/by admin-euroispa-org

EuroISPA co-signs letter ahead of fourth trilogue on Proposal for a Regulation on Preventing the Dissemination of Terrorist Content Online

This week, EuroISPA co-signed a letter to representatives of…
23rd September 2020/by admin-euroispa-org

EuroISPA reponds to DSA public consultation

After over two years of hard work and collaboration, EuroISPA…
9th September 2020/by admin-euroispa-org

Annual Report 2019: The Voice of the European Internet Industry

We are happy to share with you our Annual Report for 2019, which…
23rd July 2020/by admin-euroispa-org

NEWS: EuroISPA signs letter to strengthen the fundamental principles of the E-Commerce Directive in new Digital Services Act, along with other industry players

June 2020

Spearheaded by Danish Entrepreneurs, Allied…
1st July 2020/by admin-euroispa-org

EuroISPA publishes points of critique on the German Draft Act amending the Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG)

EuroISPA recently published its points of critique on the German…
4th June 2020/by admin-euroispa-org

Press Release: EuroISPA welcomes new member to association, asut

19 March 2020 –
EuroISPA, an association of European
20th March 2020/by admin-euroispa-org

Press Release: EuroISPA coordinates event on encryption and data protection with European Internet Forum

February 18, 2020
– EuroISPA, an association of…
12th March 2020/by admin-euroispa-org

Brexit: EuroISPA calls on decision-makers to swiftly agree on trade deal covering digital services

29 January 2020 - EuroISPA calls on decision-makers…
29th January 2020/by admin-euroispa-org
Cover EuroISPA Consensus Postion Folder

EuroISPA presents its Principles for the Future of the EU Intermediary Liability Framework

EuroISPA has published its guiding principles for policy development in the context of the possible revision of the current EU intermediary liability framework.
17th January 2020/by der-adminv-on-euroispa

Internet associations call for a balanced e-Evidence legislation

Brussels, 06 January 2019: EuroISPA has co-signed…
6th January 2020/by der-adminv-on-euroispa

EuroISPA presents its Principles for the Future of the EU Intermediary Liability Framework

Brussels, 13 November 2019: EuroISPA has published…
13th November 2019/by der-adminv-on-euroispa

EuroISPA to participate to stakeholder dialogue on Article 17 of the Copyright Directive

Brussels, 8 October 2019: EuroISPA has been selected as…
9th October 2019/by der-adminv-on-euroispa

61 industry associations call for reassessment of ePrivacy proposal

Brussels, 8 October 2019: 61 European trade associations, including…
8th October 2019/by der-adminv-on-euroispa
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