EuroISPA elects Dr Maximilian Schubert as new Vice-President

EuroISPA elects Dr Maximilian Schubert as new Vice-President

Brussels – 11.04.2015: The European Internet Services Providers Association has a new Vice President, following the election to the board of Dr Maximilian Schubert.

Dr Schubert is General Secretary of the Austrian Internet Service Providers Association and has been an active national representative in EuroISPA for several years. In his new role, Dr Schubert will support the EuroISPA President in representing over 2500 European ISPs to the highest levels of the EU Institutions.

Thanking EuroISPA members for their overwhelming support, Dr Schubert committed to ensuring that EuroISPA “continues to find common ground with all stakeholders towards achieving a balanced and innovation-friendly legislative environment for European Internet intermediaries”.

He added, “EuroISPA brings together various elements of the European Internet infrastructure, creating the perfect space for building and communicating  policies that enhance Europe’s digital economy. I look forward to representing ISPs of all sizes and nature, harnessing our sector’s technical powerful insight”.