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EuroISPA welcomes the Commission’s new Work Programme

The European Internet Service Providers Association (EuroISPA) is committed to actively participate in the debate about the creation of a Single Market for telecoms and digital services, including the Connected Continent proposal, in order to encourage the development of a free, competitive and open telecommunications market. We see this as something of great benefit to society as a whole, but also essential to the healthy development of the Internet.

EuroISPA welcomes the publication of the European Commission’s 2015 Work Programme and notes, with satisfaction, that special emphasis is dedicated to the construction of a true Digital Single Market, including the reform for copyright, while other major reforms of the past Commission remain in the pipeline. In these areas EuroISPA is looking forward to continue contributing to discussions on the Digital Single Market in a constructive manner.

“The reform of copyright, as part of the establishment of the Digital Single Market, will be a fundamental test for the ambitious objectives of the new Commission” said Innocenzo Genna, Chair of EuroISPA’s Innovation and Growth committee.

EuroISPA supports Commission’s Action plan on intellectual property rights enforcement

The European Internet Services Providers Association considers it very important to tackle illegal sharing of copyright material online. At the same time the association believes that the current framework offers a well-balanced and efficient framework for rightsholders to enforce their rights and intermediaries to play their respective part.

Therefore EuroISPA supports the European Commission’s ongoing initiative on the IPR enforcement Action plan allowing Member States and relevant stakeholders to address specific issues raised by the implementation of Directive. EuroISPA considers it very important to tackle illegal sharing of copyright material online.

“Our association believes that the focus of any European initiative on the protection of IPRs should be directed towards encouraging the creation of innovative, affordable content services, based on business models which are able to embrace the Internet revolution. This is a far more effective strategy for enforcing IPRs than an increasingly repressive legislation which would inevitably produce the opposite result” said Malcolm Hutty, Chair of EuroISPA’s Intermediary Liability committee.

EuroISPA supports the gathering of Digital portfolios

EuroISPA supports European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s initiative to reorganize the Commission’s internal distribution of portfolios. The prioritization of ICT and Digital matters is something EuroISPA has long been advocating and the restructuring of the Commission is one further step in this direction.

By uniting past portfolios, such as copyright, IPR enforcement and e-commerce under one Commissioner, EuroISPA believes it will be easier to develop more comprehensive digital policies in the future. Therefore EuroISPA welcomes the Commission’s new structure as proposed by Juncker.

“Digital matters are a crosscutting issue and thus the merger of such significant portfolios is targeted for an innovative internet policy”, says EuroISPA President Oliver Süme.