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EuroISPA shares its views on the Digital Services Act

Brussels, 31 March 2021 EuroISPA publishes its views on the Digital Services Act, reflecting the views of the European Internet industry.

EuroISPA is the voice of the European Internet industry, representing over 2,000 Internet Service Providers across Europe, all along the Internet value chain. As we have been engaging in discussions on intermediary liability and content moderation for over 20 years, EuroISPA is proud to share with the EU institutions and interested stakeholders its position on the Digital Services Act (DSA).

Overall, EuroISPA supports the DSA and its objectives to protect consumers and their fundamental rights online, to foster transparency and accountability of online platforms, and to favour innovation, growth, and competitiveness within the Single Market. In particular, we welcome the European Commission’s decision to adopt an evolutionary approach maintaining the key principles of the E-Commerce Directive, such as the limited exemption from secondary liability, while creating a due diligence framework for intermediary services.

At the same time, EuroISPA believes that several changes would be needed in order to achieve a regulation that truly fosters innovation and growth in the Digital Single Market. Therefore, EuroISPA put forward recommendations on every chapter of the DSA, spanning from the definition of online platforms, to intermediary liability provisions, from the due diligence rules, to the overall governance structure.

You can download our position below:

EuroISPA submits consultation on Copyright infringement in Australia

Following with concern the developments regarding the online enforcement of copyright in Australia, the European Internet Services Providers Association has used the opportunity for participating in the online consultation presented by the Australian government. EuroISPA has sent a paper describing its experience and recommendations on the enforcement of copyright.

EuroISPA does not condone copyright infringement, and believes that the best way to protect the interests of creators is to encourage the creation of innovative, affordable content services based on business models that are compatible with the heightened expectations of consumers in the era of the Internet society.

“The best new Internet-based platforms for audiovisual entertainment provide a better consumer experience than sites supporting copyright infringment. Unfortunately, the growth of such services is hampered by outdated copyright laws and restrictive licensing practices, and by governments and corporations that focus their efforts on ever more repressive means of fighting piracy instead of constructive reform.”, said Malcolm Hutty , Chair of EuroISPA’s Intermediary Liability committee.