A Week of Collaboration and Insights: EuroISPA’s Recent Activities

Brussels, February 1st-2nd, 2024

EuroISPA’s office has been buzzing with activity over the past week. From internal meetings to engaging discussions with members and industry stakeholders, the association has been actively shaping its strategy and addressing crucial issues in the dynamic landscape of the EU Internet industry.

EuroISPA Industry Forum Meeting

For the first time in 2024, EuroISPA held its Industry Forum meeting, where representatives from our Forum companies gathered to provide advisory insights to the Council Members. The agenda delved into pressing policy matters, focusing on the upcoming legislative cycle and plans leading up to the EU elections. The collaborative atmosphere fostered discussions that will play a pivotal role in shaping the work of the association for 2024.

Executive Board Meeting

In the afternoon, the EuroISPA Executive Board met to set the tone for 2024. Officers and the Secretariat discussed the engagement strategy for the EU elections, outlined focus topics, addressed membership trends, and laid the groundwork for the organisation’s initiatives in the coming months.

Meeting on Piracy of Live Content with European Commission and EUIPO

The following day, EuroISPA hosted a meeting with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the European Commission on the topic of piracy of live content. Members and representatives from other industry organisations, with whom EuroISPA regularly collaborates, also participated to the comprehensive discussion. The meeting saw the European Commission presenting the proposed Recommendation on piracy of live content and focused on the published KPIs, the data collection templates and the next steps of the monitoring exercise of the Recommendation. EuroISPA is a leading stakeholder on the matter, and the meeting marked a step forward in the longstanding collaboration with the Commission and the EUIPO, which it actively provides with the technical input from its Members.

ISPA Belgium’s New Year event

To round off the week, EuroISPA Executive Board Officers attended ISPA Belgium‘s New Year event. This provided an excellent opportunity to connect with Belgian figures actively involved in digital policy. The evening included a panel discussion on telecommunications and digital policy in the EU, with a focus on the role of Belgium. The exchange of ideas and insights during this event contributed to consolidate EuroISPA’s relationship with our member ISPA Belgium and to provide a broader understanding of regional challenges and opportunities, especially in light of the ongoing Belgian Presidency of the EU Council.

EuroISPA is committed to collaboration and informed policymaking. As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the EU Internet industry, these engagements serve as a testament to its dedication to fostering a thriving digital ecosystem in Europe.

EuroISPA is committed to collaboration and informed policymaking. As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the EU Internet industry, these engagements serve as a testament to its dedication to fostering a thriving digital ecosystem in Europe.

EuroISPA and other tech trade associations and NGOs jointly call on policymakers for a swift adoption of the ePrivacy derogation extension

All signatories share the same goal, which is to create and maintain a safe online environment for children, to detect and remove child sexual abuse (CSA) content online, and to ensure the investigation of offenders, in a manner that is compatible with privacy and human rights.

EuroISPA is particularly proud to see our members CZ.NIC, FiCom, ISPA Austria and ISPA Belgium as individual signatories of the statement, underlining the great commitment of European Internet Services Providers (ISPs) to eradicating online child sexual abuse.

Together, we have agreed to jointly call for a swift adoption of the ePrivacy derogation extension. Below are the main points of our joint call:

  • In the absence of an agreement on the CSA Regulation and the soon-approaching sunset clause of the temporary ePrivacy Derogation, there is a high risk of a legal gap which would prevent interpersonal communications service providers from carrying out selected detection, reporting and removal work against child sexual abuse online.
  • Proactive work against CSA has proven to be effective over the past decade. We therefore ask the European Parliament to support the Commission and the Council on this initiative and call on co-legislators to swiftly adopt the extension of the temporary ePrivacy derogation.
  • We note however that this extension should only be considered as a transitory solution, as the core focus is to agree on a long-term framework, and promptly adopt the CSA Regulation. 

All signatories remain committed to working towards legislation which stands the test of time and that is in the best interest of children.

Signatories: 5Rights Foundation, Agarrados à Net, ARSIS – Association for the Social Support of Youth, Asociația Eliberare, Association Novi Put, Brave Movement, Canadian Centre for Child Protection, Center for Missing and Exploited Children (Centar za nestalu i zlostavljanu decu), COFACE – Families Europe, Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA Europe), CZ.NIC (Czech Internet Association), Defence for Children International Nederland – ECPAT Nederland, Developers Alliance, Digital Poland Association (Związek Cyfrowa Polska), DOT Europe, ECPAT Albania, ECPAT Austria, ECPAT Belgium, ECPAT France, ECPAT International, ECPAT Luxembourg, ECPAT Norway, ECPAT Sweden, Eurochild, EuroISPA (European Internet Services Providers Association), FAPMI-ECPAT Spain (Federación de Asociaciones para la Prevención del Maltrato Infantil), FICE Croatia, FiCom (Finnish Federation for Communications and Teleinformatics), Fundacja Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę (Empowering Children Foundation), GSMA, Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation – ECPAT Hungary, “Hope for Children” – CRC Policy Center, IAC – Instituto de Apoio à Criança, ICMEC – International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children Singapore, Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), ISPA Austria (Internet Service Providers Austria), ISPA Belgium, ITI – The Information Technology Industry Council, Marie Collins Foundation, Missing Children Europe, Miúdos Seguros Na Net, Network for Children’s Rights (NCR) (Δίκτυο για τα Δικαιώματα του Παιδιού), Pomoc Deci, Safe Online, Save the Children Europe, Stiftung Digitale Chancen, Stop Sexting, Suojellaan Lapsia, Protect Children ry, Terre des Hommes Netherlands, The Pancyprian Coordinating Committee for the Protection and Welfare of Children, The Smile of the Child, Video Games Europe and WeProtect Global Alliance