EuroISPA General Meeting in London: a recap

London, March 14-15, 2024

EuroISPA travelled to London on March 14-15 for the first General Meeting on 2024, gathering Council and Forum members, Board Officers and Secretariat, kindly hosted by our member LINX.

On the agenda were topics such as the future of GDPR, the state of the CSAM discussions, our work on piracy of live content, implementation at national level of the DSA, e-Evidence and NIS 2, as well as fruitful exchanges on AI and copyright or the new Commission’s White Paper “How to master Europe’s digital infrastructure needs?“.

Participants also had the chance to discuss the state of our growing membership base, our ongoing work for the European elections, positions on different topics, the new Committees structure, and more.

Most notably, the members unanimously endorsed EuroISPA’s first Position Paper on Artificial Intelligence, that marks the first step and sets the tone of EuroISPA’s increasing work on Artificial Intelligence. You can read the paper here.

The General Meeting also brough about some internal changes in the way of working of the Association. EuroISPA’s Committees, the hub of our policy work, have been undergoing some restructuring and the new configuration of the Committees and the appointment of new Committee Chairs was approved by the Members in London:

  • The Online Content Committee covers topics such as online content moderation, DSA, CSAM, and piracy of live content. The Committee Chair is Alex de Joode (AMS-IX)
  • The Data Economy Committee deals with issues such as data protection, emerging tech, AI, and copyright. The Committee Chair is Oliver Süme (eco)
  • The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Committee covers from infrastructure to connectivity, including a potential Digital Networks Act and cooperation with law enforcement, for example on e-evidence. The Committee Chair is Paul Guinard (FFTélécoms).

Read more about the work of our Committees here.

Finally, we had the pleasure of welcoming three guest speakers:

  • Professor Vanessa Franssen from the University of Liege to exchange on our work on data retention and the collaboration between service providers and law enforcement authorities in the context of the High Level Group on Law Enforcement Access.
  • Owen Bennett from Ofcom, the UK’s Communications Regulator, on the Online safety Act and Ofcom’s regulatory approach and alignment with the EU’s Digital Services Act.
  • Christopher Oldknow from our Industry Forum member Amazon on copyright, covering key milestones and relevant trends.