EuroISPA welcomes launch of Get Online Week 2015

EuroISPA welcomes launch of Get Online Week 2015

EuroISPA welcomes the launch of Get Online Week 2015, an initiative that celebrates the work of digital inclusion and empowerment organisations across the continent. As Europe continues the transition from the digital economy to an economy that has become digital, the educational initiatives celebrated by Get Online Week are crucial.

Owing to its transversal and innovative nature, the Internet sector is an enabler across many areas of the economy. As representative of over 2300 Internet Services Providers (ISPs) all along the Internet value chain, EuroISPA is a strong supporter of initiatives that help citizens benefit from this empowering character of the Internet.Get Online Week 2015 aims to promote digital skills and empowerment among the young, seniors, and the unemployed. Its activities are run locally, and over 50,000 citizens in 24 European countries will be engaged through the initiative.

Bart-Jan van Dijk, EuroISPA Vice-President said: “The continued growth of the Internet sector has created great empowerment opportunities for Europeans. Get Online Week, an initiative that seeks to equip more citizens with the skills to take advantage of this enabling role of our sector is thus crucial. As a key stakeholder in Europe’s digital transformation, EuroISPA remains a warm supporter of initiatives such as Get Online Week”