EuroISPA highlights importance of self-regulation in ensuring a safe Internet environment

The European Internet Service Providers Association marked the 2015 Safer Internet Day by highlighting the importance of industry self-regulation in ensuring the Internet is a safe environment for all, especially the young. Counting several national hotline operators among its membership, EuroISPA fully supports the Safer Internet Day’s “lets create a better internet together” message.

EuroISPA members in France, Germany, Ireland and Austria take a leading role at national level to help ensure the internet is a safe environment for young users. Through industry-funded and managed national hotlines, a secure and confidential environment is provided where the public can anonymously report Internet material they suspect to be illegal.

As the most up-to-date INHOPE data confirms, 98 {326604f503d13f2b703ea6d6d6f2aff95b8843509e3b22769667493fe00ca42d} of all user reports to national hotlines are forwarded to law enforcement agencies within one day. Moreover, in 91 {326604f503d13f2b703ea6d6d6f2aff95b8843509e3b22769667493fe00ca42d} of cases, illegal content is deleted within three days. With over 500 000 reports made to European hotlines each year, EuroISPA calls on the EU and its Member States to maintain strong support for hotlines dedicated to ensuring a safer internet.

“EuroISPA strongly supports the principle of ‘working together for a better Internet’ that is promoted by Safer Internet Day. As Internet services rapidly evolve, fast and flexible responses are necessary to ensure downside issues such as illegal content are properly addressed. As the experience and daily work of our hotline-operating members continue to show, the distribution of illegal content over the Internet can best be tackled by the industry and its users cooperating within a self-regulatory approach, governed by the existing legal principles agreed at European level.“, said Nicolas D’Arcy, co-chair of EuroISPA’s safer internet committee.

EuroISPA welcomes the Commission’s new Work Programme

The European Internet Service Providers Association (EuroISPA) is committed to actively participate in the debate about the creation of a Single Market for telecoms and digital services, including the Connected Continent proposal, in order to encourage the development of a free, competitive and open telecommunications market. We see this as something of great benefit to society as a whole, but also essential to the healthy development of the Internet.

EuroISPA welcomes the publication of the European Commission’s 2015 Work Programme and notes, with satisfaction, that special emphasis is dedicated to the construction of a true Digital Single Market, including the reform for copyright, while other major reforms of the past Commission remain in the pipeline. In these areas EuroISPA is looking forward to continue contributing to discussions on the Digital Single Market in a constructive manner.

“The reform of copyright, as part of the establishment of the Digital Single Market, will be a fundamental test for the ambitious objectives of the new Commission” said Innocenzo Genna, Chair of EuroISPA’s Innovation and Growth committee.

EuroISPA supports Commission’s Action plan on intellectual property rights enforcement

The European Internet Services Providers Association considers it very important to tackle illegal sharing of copyright material online. At the same time the association believes that the current framework offers a well-balanced and efficient framework for rightsholders to enforce their rights and intermediaries to play their respective part.

Therefore EuroISPA supports the European Commission’s ongoing initiative on the IPR enforcement Action plan allowing Member States and relevant stakeholders to address specific issues raised by the implementation of Directive. EuroISPA considers it very important to tackle illegal sharing of copyright material online.

“Our association believes that the focus of any European initiative on the protection of IPRs should be directed towards encouraging the creation of innovative, affordable content services, based on business models which are able to embrace the Internet revolution. This is a far more effective strategy for enforcing IPRs than an increasingly repressive legislation which would inevitably produce the opposite result” said Malcolm Hutty, Chair of EuroISPA’s Intermediary Liability committee.

EuroISPA welcomes the newly elected Commission

The European Internet Services Providers Association welcomes today’s vote in the European Parliament on the European Commission. EuroISPA would like to state its support for President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker’s ambition to unlock the Digital Single Market and create a truly Digital Europe -as he stated in his opening speech and manifesto.

EuroISPA also supports the appointment of a Vice-President for the Digital Single Market working on the integration of the innovation and digitalization principles into all EU legislation, thereby ensuring that EU policy is forward-looking, future-proof and consistent across the Commission.

„The new Commission is well positioned with Andrus Ansip as Vice President for the Digital Single Market and Günther Oettinger , Commissioner for the digital economy and society. We are confident, that the Commission will set the right crucial course in order to achieve a well-balanced framework for a competitive Internet Industry in Europe“, said Oliver Sueme, President of the European Internet Services Providers Association.

EuroISPA supports the European Parliament efforts to ensure a targeted network and information security in Europe

As part of the Security Alliance For Europe (SAFE), the European Internet Services Providers Association (EuroISPA) fully supports the Commission’s intention to improve network and information security in Europe. EuroISPA shares the view that a higher level of network and information security can only be ensured if it is targeted, proportional and focuses the scarce resources on protecting what is truly critical to a country’s economic and national security, public health and safety.

EuroISPA would like to call on the institutions of the European Union to follow the European Parliament’s focus on these critical infrastructures and functions. This would improve the overall network and information security, and ensure that for example small internet service providers don’t need to unnecessarily invest in implementing systems that would duplicate reports already sent out by critical service providers.

“EuroISPA agrees that understanding the risks and organizing effective protective measures is a complex undertaking that requires close cooperation between the public and private operators. Therefore we support the intention to create a dialogue involving these entities in order to improve collective preparedness and more effectively prevent, mitigate and deal with cyber incidents and threats,” said Maximilian Schubert, Chair of EuropISPA’s Cyber crime and Security Committee.

EuroISPA supports Ansip’s fight against fragmentation

EuroISPA welcomes European Commission Vice-President-designate Andrus Ansip’s ambition to tackle fragmentation and cut red tape in the digital market. Because businesses are being hampered in their growth as they face differences in requirements between EU member states.

EuroISPA hopes that Mr Ansip will be able to apply an innovation principle –as opposed to a precautionary principle– to all EU legislation, to ensure policies are forward-looking, future-proof and and more comprehensive digital policies can be developed.

“Coherent internet operations and the free flow of data within the EU are key to the economic and social benefit that the European Internet Service Providers bring to society. Tackling Fragmentation therefore is an important political initiative for our industry.”, said Oliver Sueme, President of EuroISPA.

EuroISPA calls for a review of the Copyright in the Information Society Directive

EuroISPA is concerned about recent discussions between publishers and online service providers and search engines in Germany and France. These national discussions are leading to a divergence in the national implementation of the copyright directive.

Businesses are facing differences in requirements between member states. Therefore, EuroISPA calls for a review of the Copyright in the Information Society directive to support the creation of a European single market fitting the current digital age.

„EuroISPA believes that publishers have the right to remuneration for the content they develop. However a modernisation of the current copyright regime in Europe is needed in order to bring it inline with the internet revolution. Uncertainty for businesses needs to be removed in order to stimulate innovation and growth in product quality and consumer choice.“, said Innocenzo Genna, Chair of EuroISPA’s Innovation and Growth Committee.

EuroISPA asks EU for Joint Position at UN Conference

EuroISPA co-signed a joint industry letter asking the European Union to take advantage of the informal Council meeting on 2 and 3 October to decide on a joint European position for the UN International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Conference. EuroISPA underlines this joint position should reflect the recommendations from civil society and industry in Europe on the promotion of participation of all stakeholders in the ITU conference, and the opposition to any proposals to extend the scope of the ITU.

EuroISPA believes the EU should be the cornerstone of a global coalition of like-minded governments which believe in an open Internet, human rights, and inclusive multi-stakeholder governance. The EU should at the same time oppose any proposals which restrict human rights in the digital age.” Said Malcolm Hutty, Chair of EuroISPA’s Intermediary Liability committee.

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EuroISPA supports the gathering of Digital portfolios

EuroISPA supports European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s initiative to reorganize the Commission’s internal distribution of portfolios. The prioritization of ICT and Digital matters is something EuroISPA has long been advocating and the restructuring of the Commission is one further step in this direction.

By uniting past portfolios, such as copyright, IPR enforcement and e-commerce under one Commissioner, EuroISPA believes it will be easier to develop more comprehensive digital policies in the future. Therefore EuroISPA welcomes the Commission’s new structure as proposed by Juncker.

“Digital matters are a crosscutting issue and thus the merger of such significant portfolios is targeted for an innovative internet policy”, says EuroISPA President Oliver Süme.

EuroISPA submits consultation on Copyright infringement in Australia

Following with concern the developments regarding the online enforcement of copyright in Australia, the European Internet Services Providers Association has used the opportunity for participating in the online consultation presented by the Australian government. EuroISPA has sent a paper describing its experience and recommendations on the enforcement of copyright.

EuroISPA does not condone copyright infringement, and believes that the best way to protect the interests of creators is to encourage the creation of innovative, affordable content services based on business models that are compatible with the heightened expectations of consumers in the era of the Internet society.

“The best new Internet-based platforms for audiovisual entertainment provide a better consumer experience than sites supporting copyright infringment. Unfortunately, the growth of such services is hampered by outdated copyright laws and restrictive licensing practices, and by governments and corporations that focus their efforts on ever more repressive means of fighting piracy instead of constructive reform.”, said Malcolm Hutty , Chair of EuroISPA’s Intermediary Liability committee.