Digital Industries Send Juncker Joint Letter

The European Internet Services Providers Association signed a joint letter with other digital industry representatives to welcome the European Commission President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker. The letter states support in the creation of a truly Digital Europe as stated in the President-elect’s manifesto.

To achieve the full potential of the economic and social contribution of digital technologies EuroISPA supports the appointment of a `Digital Commissioner´ working on the integration of the ‘innovation principle’ in all commission services. EuroISPA believes that this way Juncker could transform his Presidency into a truly ‘Digital Presidency’.

Such an approach would support an economic growth that is empowered by a reinvigorated European ICT and Internet sector that can ensure European citizens and businesses enjoy the greatest choice and value.

„Our members represent a core part of the European digital infrastructure. The digital transformation of the European economy is of utmost interest for the European ISPs and we very much welcome the approach of President Juncker to create a fully digital Europe.“, said Oliver Sueme, President of EuroISPA.

Digital Single Market: Jean-Claude Juncker’s first priority as Commission president

1 July- EuroISPA welcomed the fact that Jean-Claude Juncker made realising the European digital single market his first priority as President of the Commission.  The European Internet Services Providers Association fully supports this step, given how important digital technologies are in driving growth in the European Economy.

EuroISPA also calls on the Commission to recognise the importance of preserving the role of internet intermediaries and not overburden them with additional obligations. Commenting on the announcement, Oliver Süme President of EuroISPA said “Our industry remains committed to continue to deliver sustainable economic and social benefits from a Digital Single Market.