The voice of the ISPs in Europe

  • EuroISPA welcomes the newly elected Commission

    EuroISPA welcomes the newly elected European Commission

    The European Internet Services Providers Association welcomes today’s vote in the European Parliament on the European Commission. We support Juncker’s ambition to create a truly Digital Europe -as he stated in his opening speech and manifesto.

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  •  EuroISPA supports the European Parliament efforts to ensure network and information security

    EuroISPA supports the Parliament on network and information security

    As part of the Security Alliance For Europe (SAFE), EuroISPA supports the Commission’s intention to improve network and information security in Europe. We would like to call on the institutions of the European Union to follow the European Parliament’s focus on critical infrastructures and functions.

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  •  EuroISPA supports Ansip’s fight against fragmentation

    EuroISPA supports Andrus Ansip’s fight against fragmentation

    EuroISPA welcomes European Commission Vice-President-designate Andrus Ansip’s ambition to tackle fragmentation and cut red tape in the digital market. Because businesses are being hampered in their growth as they face differences in requirements between EU member states.

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