Innovation and Growth

Committee work

EuroISPA’s Innovation and Growth committee brings together various Internet services providers with experience and insight on how to make Europe’s online content framework optimal for the digital age. The development of a virtuous and cross-border online content market in the EU is a key factor for the completion of the Digital Single Market. In the previous years, various legislative interventions have reformed, with different outcomes,  the European online content framework in the area of content portability, audiovisual and VoD, rights management, levies, geoblocking and copyright.  Amongst them the Copyright Directive reform has been the crux of this Committee’s work. EuroISPA, alongside other industry and civil society representatives, advocated against automated upload filters, and against what is known as the “link tax”, an ancillary copyright on snippets. Going forward, EuroISPA will closely follow the implementation of the Directive, and will share its expertise within the European Commission’s Stakeholder Dialogue on the implementation of Article 17. Euroispa is also eager to work with the new Commission about new proposals in the area of online content and audiovisual.

Key ongoing dossiers

  • Implementation of the EU Copyright Directive