Policy committees

Intermediary LiabilityEuroISPA LinkedIn

EuroISPA submits response to IPR Enforcement Directive public consultation

Data Protection

European Commission launches public consultation on E-Privacy Directive

National Data Protection authorities outline their position on new Privacy Shield


EuroISPA engages on European Parliament Terrorism Directive discussions

Innovation and Growth

EuroISPA co-signs high-level letter on copyright reform

CJEU issues positive Opinion on status of hyperlinks in copyright infringements

European Commission launches public consultation on Ancillary Copyright and Panorama exception

Market and Services

European Commission publishes final results of Telecoms public consultations

Safer Internet

EuroISPA co-organises European Internet Forum event on Hotline funding

Council of Europe adopts new Strategy for Children’s Rights

International Affairs 

ICANN finalises proposal to transition stewardship of key Internet functions
from US government


Committee Chairs

The Chairs of the abovementioned Committees are as follows:

  • Intermediary liability – Chair: Malcolm Hutty (LINX)
  • Data Protection & Privacy – Chair: Oliver Süme (Eco)
  • Innovation & Growth – Chair: Innocenzo Genna (AIIP)
  • Cybercrime & Cybersecurity – Chair: Dr Maximilian Schubert (ISPA Austria)
  • Safer Internet – Chair: Nicolas D’Arcy (AFPI)
  • Market & Services – Chair: Jean-Marie Le Guen (FFTélécoms)
  • International Affairs – Chair : Malcolm Hutty (LINX)