EuroISPA supports Ansip’s fight against fragmentation

EuroISPA supports Ansip’s fight against fragmentation

EuroISPA welcomes European Commission Vice-President-designate Andrus Ansip’s ambition to tackle fragmentation and cut red tape in the digital market. Because businesses are being hampered in their growth as they face differences in requirements between EU member states.

EuroISPA hopes that Mr Ansip will be able to apply an innovation principle –as opposed to a precautionary principle– to all EU legislation, to ensure policies are forward-looking, future-proof and and more comprehensive digital policies can be developed.

“Coherent internet operations and the free flow of data within the EU are key to the economic and social benefit that the European Internet Service Providers bring to society. Tackling Fragmentation therefore is an important political initiative for our industry.”, said Oliver Sueme, President of EuroISPA.